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Nothing is more important than your family.  When it comes to handling custody or divorce matters, you want a divorce lawyer with in-court experience to take your case to trial.  You also want a dedicated team ready to help guide your case to the best possible outcome, particularly if there are children involved.

Why Trust Us With Your Divorce or Custody Case

Family law cases aren’t just about what lawyers narrowly call “family law.”  They are about federal and state tax.  They are about real property—quite often, the family home.  They can be about valuing a spouse’s business, understanding contracts, or even Constitutional law.  Family law cases are also governed by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, an area that many divorce lawyers neglect.

we develop a comprehensive strategy

to ensure our clients are protected

Divorce Attorney Jonathan Hilton has litigated family law cases through trial, and has a diverse background in many areas of law. He was in the top 0.2% nationwide on the Multistate Bar Exam, which tests subjects as diverse as Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts. He graduated first out of 97 in his class from University of Cincinnati College of Law, earning an A+ grade not only in Family Law, but also in classes such as Civil Procedure, Property, Constitutional Law, Trusts, Contracts, and Appellate Law. He was also the top-scoring student on a federal taxation exam.


Because family law touches on all aspects of your life, you want a divorce lawyer with the ability to analyze every possible legal problem, no matter what field. That’s where we come in.

Our Approach to Family Law Cases

Divorces and custody court cases are stressful, and every moment can bring emotions to the forefront.  Our approach to family law cases recognizes and is sensitive to this emotional component, while still remaining grounded in the reality of day-to-day litigation.  We strive to remain objective, recognizing the key to success is usually picking your battles.


We plan with our clients to develop long-term solutions.  We want to provide you with peace-of-mind for years, not a “quick fix” that will lead you right back to court again and again. Read about a recent and unique divorce case in our blog.


Our approach involves thinking strategically—as our motto requires us to do—at least “Five Moves Ahead.”  We will work with you every step of the way to make sure we have thought through the possibilities.  When it comes to your family, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than making the best move.


“Mr. Hilton helped me through my divorce. He was very responsive when I had questions about the process and explaining all my options and what would be best for me. His fees were very affordable. I would definitely recommend.” – Kim Rickard


“I have known Jonathan for over 8 years. Jonathan is one of the most intelligent, thorough, innovative and accessible lawyers I have ever met. Jonathan takes any issue presented, listens carefully to his client’s goals, and is then able to execute a great plan of action. I feel extremely confident recommending clients to Jonathan and I know he will continue to do great work for them.” – Laura Thudium (Family Law Attorney in Cincinnati)


“One star.” – Our Client’s Former Spouse

Where We Handle Divorce Cases: the Columbus, Ohio Metro Area

We handle family law and divorce cases in Franklin, Fairfield, Licking, Pickaway, and Delaware Counties.  In exceptional cases, we may consider traveling to other counties.


Can I move out of the house?

Moving out of the house typically does not affect property rights—but depending on how the issue is handled, if there are children at home, it could affect some visitation and parenting issues.

Can One Divorce Attorney Represent Both Parties in a Divorce?

No, this is considered a conflict of interest.  Sometimes a lawyer will represent one party, and the other will be unrepresented.  But a lawyer cannot represent two opposing sides in the same case.

Will I Lose My House in a Divorce Case?

This is a difficult issue, and understandably one that clients want to have answered as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, there is rarely a clear-cut answer.  Usually, the parties will negotiate a settlement that determines who stays in the house—if either party can afford to live in the house alone.  It is important to realize that in most cases, going through divorce causes some degree of financial hardship, since the same level of income must now support two households rather than one.  Working with an attorney early on to resolve the question of what to do with the family home can help you avoid headaches down the road.

What About My Retirement Accounts?

Under Ohio law, any retirement funds that accrued during the marriage is typically automatically divided.  Exactly what method of valuation is used, however, can be a tricky issue.  Sometimes parties also negotiate for each person to keep his or her own retirement account.  An attorney can provide guidance as to how to handle your retirement accounts.

What if My Spouse Controls the Money, and I Can’t Pay an Attorney?

If your spouse is withholding money from you to deprive you of a lawyer, then an attorney may be able to make an application to the Court to ask your spouse to pay your legal bill.  You should talk to an attorney and ask for a consultation to discuss this possibility.

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

This depends on how the parties conduct the litigation.  Divorce lawyers bill hourly, and unfortunately, you cannot control how your spouse chooses to litigate.  We can offer some guidance as to cost, however.  In our experience, a simple dissolution—where the parties work out the issues with each other prior to filing for divorce—can cost as little as $3,000 in attorney fees.   Relatively simple cases with a few contested issues tend to fall in the $5,000 to $10,000 range, assuming the parties still end up settling before trial.  More contentious cases often see five-figure attorney fees, and where significant assets are at stake, the parties may shell out even more for top-notch lawyering.

What Is Your Family Law Retainer Policy?

In most family law cases, we prefer an upfront retainer of at least $5,000, depending on the nature of the case.  We do, however, sometimes make exceptions for clients who sign up for automatic credit or debit card payments with us through LawPay, depending on the client’s needs and the details of the case.

Divorce and Family Law Rates

In 2013, a Forbes article declared that “Nothing is More Expensive Than a Cheap Lawyer.”  We couldn’t agree more.  When it comes to family law matters, you want to get it right the first time.


Our billing rate for family law matters is $375 per hour, which places us as being in about the most expensive 5% of Ohio family law attorneys.  Source: 2019 Ohio Economics of Law Survey

Source: 2019 Ohio Economics of Law Survey


Our attorneys are legal strategists willing to put in the effort to outthink the other lawyers in the room, and we believe the price difference is worth it to our clients.


Ultimately, however, many of our clients are surprised at how low their total fees for a matter are.  This is because, as one of our clients, you will not have to pay for time we spend fixing mistakes.  We are also quick to take the most direct approach to resolve a case without first racking up a huge legal bill.

Do You Offer Free Consultations for Divorce?

We no longer offer free consultations in this area of law.  Due to high demand, we are unable to accommodate everyone who wants a consultation.  Our current rate for a 45-minute family law consultation is $300.  To get started, fill out the form below or ask to speak with a member of our sales team.

Family Law Consultation *

* Please be aware that, due to high demand, most consultations with our attorneys are limited to 45 minutes and cost $300. See our Rates page to learn more about our prices before contacting us. You can always speak with our sales team free of charge.

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