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In 2020, a Forbes article declared, “Nothing is More Expensive Than a Cheap Lawyer.”

We couldn’t agree more.  When it comes to legal matters, you want to get it right the first time.

For plaintiffs’ attorneys with interesting cases and thorny legal issues, we offer a discounted rate of $295 per hour for brief writing, legal research, and consulting work.  We do offer bulk discounts for attorneys purchasing 100 hours or more.  Sample rates from recent cases include:

$5,000 – Opposition to motion to dismiss in pharmaceutical case.

$6,500 – Opposition to appellate brief (with no oral argument) before a State’s highest court.

$8,000 – Opposition to motion to dismiss in multiparty insurance bad faith case.

$8,500 – Opposition to foreign manufacturer’s motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction.

$12,000 – Package of four Daubert briefs in products liability multi-district litigation.

$15,000 – Appellate brief and oral argument in an intermediate state court.

$15,000 – Opposition to motion to dismiss in complex Constitutional case.

$45,000 – Response to motion for summary judgment in a mass tort case.

For our non-attorney clients, our rates are below.

hilton parker litigation lawyers columbus

Our general civil litigation rate of $475 is higher than the 75th percentile ($300) but lower than the 95th percentile ($610) for Ohio trial attorneys.*

family law attorney rates columbus ohio

At $375 per hour, our divorce and family law rates are higher than roughly 95% of family law attorneys who practice in the state of Ohio.*

Working Together

You get what you pay for.  Our attorneys have in-court experience and are legal strategists at the top of the academic curve. Ultimately, however, many of our clients are surprised at how low their total fees for a matter are.  This is because, as one of our clients, you will not have to pay for time we spend fixing mistakes.  We are also quick to take the most direct approach to resolve a case without first racking up a huge legal bill.

* Source: The Economics of Law Practice in Ohio 2019: A Desktop Reference



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