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Business Litigation

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When you are involved in any kind of business litigation, you want to work with an attorney with the drive and ability to think several moves ahead.  If you are suing a business partner, you need to be prepared to defend against any countersuit the other side throws your way.  If you are being sued, you want an attorney who knows the best defense is often a good offense, and who can spot opportunities to launch an aggressive counterclaim.

We Help Small business Owners

With Lawsuits in the columbus area

We represent small business owners at all stages—from startups looking to initially incorporate or register their companies to established businesses with yearly revenue between $2 million and $10 million. As companies grow, we also represent shareholders who are being “bought out” or whose startups are being acquired.


Mature companies hire us for our ability to prosecute and defend lawsuits, negotiate deals, and fend off frivolous litigation that endangers the bottom line.  We have experience in areas such as filing for temporary restraining orders to enforce noncompete agreements; suing business partners or other companies for breach of contract; and bringing actions to obtain payment for work completed.

Problems We Solve As a Business Litigation Law Firm

  • Prosecuting and defending lawsuits
  • Representing business owners being “bought out”
  • Defending trade secrets and enforcing noncompetes
  • Responding to subpoenas from law enforcement

Why Choose Us for Your Business Litigation Needs

Lawsuits are like chess matches—they are, in part, a contest of skill between the lawyers on either side. It is a fact of life that an outmatched attorney will sometimes lose cases he could have won. Because we never want to be that attorney, we take our motto “Five Moves Ahead” seriously. No matter what move we make, we want to be sure that we are thinking further ahead than the other lawyer.


Hilton Parker LLC’s attorneys are legal strategists who live and breathe litigation. We not only think quickly on our feet, but we also take time to carefully prepare and handcraft each client’s legal pleadings and briefs. We aren’t content to provide representation that is “good enough”—we want to outsmart the other attorneys in the room, and we want to win. And if a client wants to turn us loose to pursue every legal avenue to victory, the firm is happy to oblige.

Why Choose Us for Your Business Litigation Needs

“The lawyers of Hilton Parker LLC who I’ve worked with were incredibly responsive, gave high-quality advice, and worked hard. Would definitely recommend them to anyone else who needs help.” – Robert Moore, Scioto Analysis LLC

Litigation Awards

Attorney Jonathan Hilton was selected as a “Top Rated Business Litigation Attorney” in Reynoldsburg and Pickerington, Ohio by SuperLawyers® and was selected to the “Rising Stars” for 2021 and 2022. He has also won the Stanley M. Chesley and Hon. Susan J. Dlott Award in Litigation; the Graydon, Head & Ritchey Advocacy Prize; the Thompson, Hine Advocacy Prize; and the Ernest Karam Outstanding Excellence Award for his skill in litigation and oral argument.

Litigation Rates for Ohio Business Disputes

No doubt about it—litigation is expensive. Business litigation is like a chess match. And when you hire a law firm to take your case to court, you are putting your trust in that firm not just to be “good enough,” but to come prepared to outsmart the other attorneys in the room.


Our general civil litigation rate of $475 per hour places us in the top quarter of business litigation attorneys in Ohio by cost per hour.  We typically require an initial retainer, and the amount of the retainer depends on the number of hours we anticipate spending on your case.  Recent retainers have typically ranged from $5,000 to $10,000.

Many lawyers won’t tell you their rate up front. They certainly won’t post it publicly. We believe in transparency when it comes to billing, and unlike many other law firms, we are willing to provide you with a detailed budget and cost estimate for each phase of your case.


Despite having a higher-than-average hourly billing rate, our clients are sometimes surprised at how low their total fees for a matter are. Because we have litigated a wide variety of issues—and because Mr. Hilton topped a variety of different classes in law school, including Civil Procedure—we don’t have to bill you for time spent spinning our wheels or being “stuck” on a hard or unusual legal issue.


We’re also always on the lookout for ways to resolve disputes and achieve your goals without inflating your legal bill. Our belief is that it is always better to earn a client’s trust (and their next legal matter) than it is to run up a bill on the current one.

Business Litigation Consultation *

* Please be aware that, due to high demand, most litigation consultations with our attorneys are limited to 45 minutes and cost $300. See our Rates page to learn more about our prices before contacting us. You can always speak with our sales team free of charge.

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