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Lawyer discusses how to form a business in Columbus, Ohio

Business Formation

Columbus, Ohio

If you’re on this page, congratulations—you are one of the brave entrepreneurs who fuel the economy of this country.  We would be honored to develop your business formation documents as your attorneys and help you every step of the way.

We help businesses like yours

stay on the right track in the columbus area

We represent business owners at all stages—from startups looking to initially incorporate or register their companies to established businesses, often with yearly revenues between $2 million and $10 million.  In the startup phase, we help entrepreneurs evaluate the right business form (LLC, corporation, S Corp, sole proprietorship, or partnership) to save on taxes and protect their personal assets.  As companies grow, we also represent shareholders who are being “bought out” or whose startups are being acquired.


We represent small businesses (typical yearly revenue $2 to $10 million), and provide business formation services – from LLC formation and operating agreements to litigation in court.  Our clients include tech startups, trucking companies, real estate investors, construction companies, and restaurant owners.

Problems Business Formation Lawyers Solve

  • Determining how and where to set up and legally organize your business
  • Helping you choose whether or not to make an S Corp election to save money on taxes
  • Drafting operating agreements, employment agreements, and vendor contracts
  • Creating your privacy policy and terms and conditions
  • Representing business owners or companies being “bought out”
  • Defending trade secrets and enforcing noncompetes

Affordable Rates for Start-Ups

For business formation, we will work with you to select the right type of business—LLC, corporation, S Corp, and so on—to maximize your return on investment and protect your own assets.  For single-member businesses, we can usually provide operating agreements and register your business for an affordable flat rate.  If you require negotiations with partners, we may be able to provide you with lower hourly rates than what we charge for in-court litigation.


We offer flat rates because we want to earn your trust for the future, and because our favorite clients are the ones we have worked with from the beginning.  If you start out doing things the right way—getting the right agreements in place—we will be able to provide you with more powerful representation in the future, as issues arise.  We also have a passion for watching new businesses flourish, and believe entrepreneurs are some of the most exciting clients to represent.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call to see what prices may be available to you and your new venture.

Fixed Fee Business Formation & Consulting for Start Ups in the Columbus, Ohio Metro Area

We offer affordable, fixed-fee pricing for entrepreneurs just looking to get a new business off the ground. Our usual package includes:

  • Three one-hour client consultations (in person or by Zoom)
  • Drafting of your initial documents and registration with the Ohio Secretary of State
  • A written operating agreement for your new business
  • Guidance on whether to make an S Corp election, and whether filing this form could save you thousands of dollars on your taxes each year
  • Advice on choosing the right registered agent
  • An initial investigation into available trademarks for your brand name
  • Optional review or updating of your Last Will & Testament to account for the new business
  • If requested, advice on obtaining the right types of insurance, as well as how to find the right bank, bookkeeper, and accountant
  • Terms and Conditions for your customers, as well as a privacy policy
  • To learn more about how we help you find the right business structure, watch this interview with Attorney Hilton:
  • Business Structures Interview with Jonathan Hilton
  • In most cases, we are able to offer this package for a flat fee of $5,000. For new businesses, we do offer the option to pay in installments. We offer packages deals like this one because we want to earn your business in the future, and we know that cash flow is often uncertain as a new business gets off the ground.


“Jonathan is smart, professional and adaptable. He is capable of understanding the situation or mood that you’re in and shifting focus to best suit that.” –Endel Maricq (Entrepreneur)


“If you’re looking for a top tier lawyer who can get the job done quickly, cost effectively and professionally, I can’t recommend anyone other than Jonathan Hilton. My company had a great experience working with Jonathan! He helped us write a contract and negotiate a deal that was great for our business.” –Paul DeMott

The amount of the fee depends on the type of business and number of initial owners, and can if necessary be paid in installments as you start to build your revenue stream.  We offer these packages because we want to earn your business in the future, and we know that cash flow is often uncertain as a new business gets off the ground.

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