Shamrock Towing Lawsuit Appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court

In August 2019, attorney Geoffrey Parker filed a case against Shamrock Towing for allegedly illegal vehicle tows. He asked the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas to allow the case to proceed as a class action, with a class that would include every vehicle the company had towed in the last four years. Here’s what NBC4 Columbus had to say:

While the lawsuit has been ongoing ever since, the Court denied Mr. Parker’s request for class action status. Hilton Parker LLC appealed that ruling to Ohio’s Tenth District Court of Appeals. But in February 2022, the appellate court issued a 28-page decision in Shamrock’s favor on the class action issue.

Mr. Parker has now asked the Ohio Supreme Court to agree to hear the case. Ohio’s highest court only agrees to hear a small percentage of cases each year, and it will typically only hear cases that it finds are of great public importance. The Court is likely to make a decision as to whether to hear the Shamrock Towing case within the coming months.

If you have been towed and would like more information about our firm’s lawsuit, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Be sure to take a picture of the towing sign on the lot from which you were towed, and to document what you paid to get your car back.